Welcome to Tri City Speed Academy!



The Vision of the Tri City Speed Academy is to help kids from grades 5th and beyond college to reach their true athletic potential and become true Phenomenal Athletes in any sport they play. In today’s society if you’re not a Phenomenal Athlete you will be a Forgotten Athlete so be Phenomenal or Be Forgotten and here at the Tri City Speed Academy we train kids to become Phenomenal Student Athletes, and give them the confidence and the courage to chase their dreams.

What will your student Athlete learn by Training with Tri City Speed Academy ?

Proper functional movement patterns to improve athletic performance and long-term athletic development.
Optimal running technique to improve speed and eliminate poor movement patterns.
Proper change-of-direction techniques to maximize performance and minimize risk of injury. The power needed to maximize acceleration and eccentric strength, which helps them change direction.
Agility, core stability and the overall mobility and flexibility to enhance athletic performance and quickness.
A safe environment with supervision from certified and qualified performance specialists.


Each athlete begins their training process by completing a one-on-one comprehensive Functional Movement Screen and overall athletic Assessment/evaluation. These evaluations are used to gain a better understanding of each athlete’s personal needs by assessing their overall body composition, range of motion, muscular imbalances, functional strength, sport specific speed as well as power. Until an athlete knows his or her current level of ability, it is impossible to realistically create goals and monitor progress.

Prior to any training begins, athletes map out training goals to help provide personal focus throughout their training process. From there our training programs are designed strictly on an individual basis in order to cater to the needs of each athlete based on personal and sport specific demands.

Evaluations also determine any previous performance training knowledge from other training facilities or coaches as well as the athlete’s injury history. It is important that athletes have the basic understanding of the training process and what is expected of them in the program. These assessments are also a means of tracking an athlete’s progress throughout their training process.

Training is done in a group setting to help minimize cost as well as maximize effort. Training in a group session allows the athlete to work in a motivating environment to push and be pushed by liked minded peers who have similar goals to be the best at their prospected sport breads competition. Healthy competition has been found to be conducive to overall athletic growth